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  Adhesive Bandages
  Compress (Pressure) Bandages Sterile

  Elastic Support Bandages
  Conforming Bandages
  Compress Bandages Rubber Elastic Tale
  Trangular Bandages
  Needles - Monoject
  Instant Cold Packs
  Reusable Cold/Hot Packs
  Alcohol Preps
  Face Masks
  Cotton Swabs and Tip Applicators
  Bouffant Caps -
Cova Cup Brand
  Miscellaneous Medical Supplies
  Stockinette -
100% Cotton
  Examenation Paper

Medical Supplies Provider
for the Professional and Home Health Care

We are supplying Wholesalers, Hospitals and
Distributors with highest quality sterilized products

First Aid Latex Free Adhesive Bandages
Compress Pressure Bandages
Bulk or individual Packaging
Private Labels Packaging

Different Types of Medical Supplies

  Vonex Medical Supplies is a manufacturer of all types and sizes of band aids or adhesive strips. Since our inception, we rapidly grown to become a manufacturer that is recognized for the high quality of service and product we provide.

  We believe that our customers are truly a privilege, that is why we are using top quality vihyl and fabric Latex Free raw materials purchased from most prestigious North American Suppliers. Our Product's sterility is always quaranteed by certificate of analysis, and a validation test is performed to confirm that sterilization meets with all of the requirements of FDA and NAFTA.